Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (TTT, #22)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's post is:

Top 10 Bookish Resolutions/Goals for 2015

In no particular order...

 1. Read 50 Books
Despite what my Goodreads says..... I have yet to complete a reading challenge fully and honestly lol..... I tend to make some exceptions with my book challenge list that should...or should not be excepted. ;)

2. Read More Contemporary
This is something that I have been trying to get better at. I tend to automatically put contemporaries into a box and never attempt to try them out.... But here's the kicker.... when I actually read contemporaries, I almost always enjoy them and give 5 stars. So this is something doable that I could try to do in 2015.

3. Make More Time for Reading!
I would really like to get back to reading everyday if possible! Since I have recently started college, schoolwork has taken a VERY large part of my time but when I find time and could be reading a good book, Netflix never fails at distracting me for hours on end!

4. Post More to My Blog
 I haven't posted as much as I would have liked to my blog this year. I really enjoy updating my blog and posting my reviews and participating in memes. I really have no excuse to be honest lol. I'll have a full week of drafts to post and then never get around to posting them on their days. So hopefully I can do more posting in 2015!

5. Be More Consistent
I've noticed that when I actually post, I'm not consistent at ALL! Story of my life!

6. Finish Some Series That I've Started
Sooooo...... Yeah this is a bit of a problem. I tend to start tons of series and never continue on with the series. :( It's crazy how many series I've started but have only read the first book and ALL the books in the series have been released for a LONG time lol. And I actually want to finish them, but I keep getting distracted by other books!

7. Review ALL the Books I Read
I started this blog to help document the books I've read and remember what I thought about them. I constantly get asked by friends for a good book, but sometimes I literally can't remember why I liked that certain book. Reviewing all my books I read as soon as I finish them would obviously help with this tremendously.

8. Finish Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Vampire Academy
 This is self explanatory. I feel that these need to be completed, and 2015 will be that year!

9. Attempt to Actually Complete Challenges This Year!
The fact is all the challenges I make for myself are actually doable..... I just don't complete them. I'm afraid laziness is the culprit. :)

10. Don't Stress About Reading or Blog!
In 2015, I need to not stress about not meeting my reading goal or reading challenges. I want to get back to reading more for fun than to meet a certain goal. If I meet a goal or complete a challenge that's great!.... But also if I don't that definitely okay too!

What Are Some of Your Resolutions for 2015?


  1. I definitely want to do a better job reviewing all the books I read this year, too, and more promptly. I tend to get to my reviews way too long after I finish reading the book which is kind of unhelpful. Hope you have a great reading and blogging year!

    1. Exactly, I do the same thing unfortunately! Thanks, I hope you have a great year too and thanks for stopping by!!


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